Jochen Magyar interior design studio

The Jochen Magyar Interior Design Studio develops high-end interior design interiors together with our own construction department, Magyar Interieurbouw. We take care of the creation of a unique and qualitative spatial story that radiates elegance, but is also functional and floats on the reflection of sentiments. We value the integration of subtle yet striking details, as well as the use of natural and warm materials, to create a synergy between quality, aesthetics and practicality. During this process, our interior designers pay sufficient attention to your interests, standards and criteria. A specific and personal design is created through the interface between interior architect and client.

"We understand, design and realise.

At Okyo, we first listen to the needs and wishes of the customer, after which we start designing the interior. After the design has been checked with the client and finalised by us, we can realise your project from A to Z by our own permanent interior construction team of qualified top craftsmen.